Discover epiAge, the only biological clock utilizing next-generation sequencing to reveal your true age and health insights for enhanced life quality.

epiAge: The Next-Generation Biological Clock

The Only Clock Powered by Next-Generation Sequencing


Discover the transformative power of epiAge, the pioneering detection test that unveils your body’s true age, transcending traditional age calculation methods. Instead of merely tallying years since birth, epiAge delves deep into your DNA, lifestyle choices, and the enigmatic tales woven into your genetic fabric, offering a more nuanced and insightful perspective on aging.

Harnessing the precision of saliva samples coupled with advanced DNA methylation data analysis, epiAge stands out by accurately determining your biological age. This innovative approach not only sheds light on your current state of health but also empowers you with the knowledge to proactively shape your future well-being.

By embracing the insights gleaned from your epiAge results, you unlock the potential to:

  • Foresee and prevent diseases before they manifest
  • Decelerate the aging process, keeping you youthful and vibrant
  • Elevate your overall quality of life through targeted lifestyle adjustments
  • Extend your lifespan, enjoying more precious moments with loved ones

Human aging is a complex, individualized process. While some may appear and feel beyond their years, others seem to defy time, maintaining a youthful vigor well past their chronological age. Research underscores the significance of the “epigenetic clock” in forecasting the risk of age-related diseases, including cardiovascular ailments and cancer. By understanding your biological age, you embark on a journey to enhance your health, longevity, and resilience against potential future health challenges.

The epiAge test epitomizes the cutting-edge concept of dynamic, lifelong lifestyle management. It invites users to actively participate by inputting their personal data, thereby tailoring recommendations to suit individual preferences and goals. This data, along with crucial decision-making points, is securely processed via our fully-blinded app, ensuring your privacy and security. Users receive a personalized analysis, complete with actionable strategies for health optimization.

Enhance your epiAge experience with the epiAge Lite App, your companion in harnessing the full potential of your results. Stand at the forefront of longevity science with epiAge, the only age determination tool that employs next-generation sequencing technology, unlike conventional tests that rely on array technology. Embark on a journey to redefine your health destiny with epiAge, where your biological age is just the beginning.

Get the most out of your results with the epiAge Lite App


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