Early Detection Can Save Life and Prevent the Suffering and Cost of Treating Disease

  • Many cancers and other complex disease are detected late.
  • Late detection results in increased morbidity and death
  • Examples; liver, lung and gastric cancer
  • Current biomarkers lack sensitivity and specificity to detect disease early.
  • Available biomarkers and diagnostic methods are invasive; can’t be used for follow-up of healthy populations
  • Not applicable for follow up of large “healthy” populations that are at risk
Early detection of cancer HKG Epitherapeutics

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Patent pending

Early detection of liver cancer

  • Detects conversion of patients with chronic hepatitis or healthy controls to early stage liver cancer HCC
  • Targets were clinically validated in studies in Yuan hospital in Beijing published in Clinical Epigenetics 2018. PCT world patent protection in national stage (US, Europe, Canada, Indonesia, India, Japan)
  • Next generation sequencing assay fully optimized clinically tested


Patent pending

Early detection of breast cancer

Coming soon…


Patent pending

Early detection of cervical cancer

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  • DNA methylation marks are an exquisite “ID” of a cell representing its past experiences and predicting its future.​
  • The exquisite profile of DNA methylation marks in white blood cells is mapped at the earliest stage of disease. Computational methods are used to reveal a combination of marks (polygenic) that can predict the earliest appearance of disease
  • Next generation sequencing methods are optimized to develop a high throughput robust assay for polygenic markers of disease.

DNA Methylation Polygenic Profiles Predicting HCC

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