Revolutionizing Healthcare: Liquid Biopsy for Early Cancer Detection

Pioneered by epigenetic leaders, our groundbreaking blood tests offer accurate, cost-effective, and early diagnosis, unlocking unprecedented potential in global cancer care.

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Meet Professor Moshe Szyf

A Vanguard in the Field of Epigenetics

For over three decades, Professor Szyf has spearheaded revolutionary research in genetics and early cancer detection. He presented the groundbreaking evidence that our genetic code isn’t fixed at birth and can be influenced by DNA Methylation. More than just the company he’s associated with, Szyf’s work stands as a testament to pioneering advancements in the healthcare industry.

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Early detection of cancer HKG Epitherapeutics


Early Detection can save life and prevent the suffering and cost of treating disease


Biological age compared to chronological measures how well or poorly our body is functioning relative to our chronological age

Biological age


Comprehensive DNA Methylation Analysis Services & Tools


Biological age compared to chronological measures how well or poorly our body is functioning relative to our chronological age

DNA methylation is a chemical mark on DNA

DNA methylation is a chemical mark that is added to DNA at different positions during gestation.
DNA methylation is part of the “epigenetic” program of our genes.
when DNA methylation happens at several important positions in genes it can silence the function of the gene.
This is how the same gene can be expressed or silenced in different cells in our body.

For very long period of time, genetics was thought to be the only factor determining everything of life. We found that epigenetics is providing another layer of control on life over genetics through our research.

Every cells of our body has the same genetic composition. It is epigenetics directing cell fate and driving them to form different body parts.

Human genome is like the hardware of the command centre of life. Epigenetics is the software controlling the operation of life.

Epigenetics controls the function of DNA through DNA methylation.

Once a methyl group is added to cytosine of DNA through the function of SAM and DNMT, it’s function is switched off.

Epigenetics is also responsible for protecting us from cancer. If epigenetics went wrong, cells can grown in an uncontrolled manner and become cancerous.

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