epiCovid19 Lab Test Kit (Coming soon)

Isothermal high-throughput colorimetric Covid-19 saliva test kit for 96 samples.

Box contains:

  • Saliva collection kit (separate box)
  • Solutions A,B and C (Solution D shipped separately frozen)
  • Standard and deep-well plates
  • Manual

Complete solution for sensitive detection of Covid19 in saliva (0.1 particles per microliter)

Saliva is the most simple, nonivasive, biosamplefor detecting Covid19. using provided collection tube, saliva could be self collected with no health workers required.

Our kits combines  the sensitivity of complete RNA extraction with the simplicity of isothermal amplification in one streamlined procedure.

Kits contains all required reagents and plasticware for concurrent running of 96 assays.


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